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In Defender of the Material World, you play as a naive spirit fighting an army of red spirits to keep them out of the living world. When you've cleared the screen and you hear the warble, you've won!

Created during Mini Jam #25: Spirits at the Library of High Point University

Arrow keys to move, z to shoot.


Programming: Noah Gilston


-Characters and blast effect: Noah Gilston

-Backdrop: Ceric on Stencylforge

Audio: Noah Gilston and his magnificent Vocal Chords

For my professor, please ignore:

The playable character was created based on a lamp I keep on my bedside. I saw an inner light of some kind within it. Based off the reading for color, I made her purple to indicate some kind of honor to her task of protecting the world. Additionally, she doesn't really fit any major stereotype one might place on a character, seeing as she doesn't really have any features.

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