This game was created as part of Professor Heagney's character design course to show off a character. 

This character was initially created as part of a journal entry for class, where we were asked to find a character out in the world. Using the salt lamp I keep near my bed, I envisioned a small spirit of some kind with a large energy aura surrounding it. This eventually evolved into Hecate, named after a character I've used in rpgs before. When designing the sprites, I chose to make the idle/walk a sort of pulsing shield to hearken back to the original idea of the character having an aura around her. The jump shifts this aura into a pair of flapping wings, indicating that the aura can be used in a variety of ways to help the character navigate her world. Additionally, to avoid stereotypes of female characters, Hecate does not have any anatomy in any way reminiscent of a humanoid, thus preventing sexualization as many female characters often are.

The environment initially was going to be a forest of some kind where spirits roamed. However, I soon settled instead on a cavern thanks to the image, which struck me as much more fitting for the character to wander through. The blue in the environment spoke to a sense of awe and mystery, which definitely made sense for a world of spirits.

Image for background found here:

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